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You should see video and hear audio. If your browser or player is buffering, please press "F5" to refresh. Scroll down for other helpful options. If those don't help, please send a note to Webcast Support. When you're done with the test, simply close this browser tab.

Viewing Suggestions 

Qwikcast programs are designed to perform well with any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Here are the minimum requirements:
Computer – Windows 7, iOS 10
Browser – Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 40, Firefox 35, Safari 8
iPhone/iPad – iOS 7
Android – 4.1

Qwikcast video is generally streamed around 500Kbps. Some computers and/or mobile devices may experience difficulty if many programs are open while watching the stream. It is recommended that the viewer close unnecessary programs while watching.

It is preferable to connect to a “wired” location, not wireless. We recommend a “download” speed of at least 3Mbps.

You can check your speed at My Viewing Speed 

Please contact Support if you have questions at Tech Support